LSLLC offers a dependable, convenient and stress-free way of remaining in control and ahead of your deadlines. LSLLC is not a copy service. We are in the business of record procurement. You can track your request within minutes after submission.

Here are just a few advantages to using our services in record procurement:

Accountability: LSLLC's structure holds each representative accountable for the entire process, allowing you to speak with one person who has responsibility for that particular assignment. Our staff is structured to handle specific client accounts, which allows them to become more familiar with you and your specific needs.
LSLLC Customer Link is a client-based website developed both from the operational intricacies of the process as well as suggestions from many of our clients. LSLLC Customer Link will provide you with access to the status of all records, 24/7, eliminating the need for repeat status phone calls. Please refer to the section on LSLLC Customer Link for further details.
Professional: LSLLC has easy-to-follow billing without all the "hidden costs" traditionally found in the process of record procurement.
Cost-Savings: LSLLC can reduce your overall costs by using a flat basic fee agreement and providing you with a list of additional service fees that are competitive and clearly outlined.
Focused: LSLLC will audit to insure record custodians are in compliance with the local fee schedule.
Experienced: LSLLC will review every request to eliminate the receipt of duplicate records.
Convenient: LSLLC allows you to manage monthly expenses by providing you with billing reports, showing exactly where your dollars are spent. Click here to view a sample expenditure report.
LSLLC is committed to providing you with the tools you need to remain in control and focused.
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