Record Procurement - Flat Fee Includes the following:

  • Set up of new file and review for accuracy;
  • Locate all providers not located in original assignment;
  • Re-direct all authorizations known to be addressed to improper location per database entry into LSLLC system;
  • Correspondence to all providers requesting records;
  • Follow-up correspondence at regular intervals;
  • Regular telephone follow-up;
  • Notification to client of all status changes;
  • Continual up-date of status via Customer Link;
  • Issuance of appropriate pre-pay or provider charge;
  • Review of medical records and accuracy check when received;
  • Binding of original medical records;
  • Correspondence to forward to client and closure of request.
  • Authorization Procurement (Optional Service)
    Expedited Service (Optional Services)

  • 5 days or less
  • 30 days or less
  • Subpoena Preparation/Mail Delivery - Optional Service includes:

  • Ordering of subpoena;
  • Cost of subpoena (included);
  • Preparation of Notice of Intent and Certificate Prerequisite;
  • Service via certified mail to all providers (cost included);
  • Aggressive follow-up for waiver of 20-day waiting period if appropriate;
  • Notification of service to client;
  • Aggressive follow-up with provider until all documents received;
  • Continual up-dates via LSLLC Customer Link throughout entire process.
  • Indexing Hospital Records Per Admission (Optional Service)
    Comprehensive Record Review (Optional Service)
    Records Duplication
    X-Ray Duplication
    Record Procurement
    Download Records Request Form

    Comprehensive Record Review
    Download Comprehensive Review Request Form


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