DIGG-iT is a web based investigative service that uses fully trained and experienced internet investigators to meticulously examine the internet history of your claimants through our "deep web" techniques. This enables Litigation Solutions agents to develop information not typically gathered through conventional investigative methods. DIGG-iT allows us to provide information that will enhance surveillance efforts and offer our clients greater knowledge into the interests of the subject.

  • National in Scope
  • Cost savings through more focused surveillance
  • Reduction in surveillance expenses
  • Decreased loss ratio
  • Maximum surveillance results
  • Reduction in Reserves
  • Can be used stand alone or in conjunction with surveillance
  • Three to Five day turnaround
We initiate our investigations through an extensive search of specific websites. Answers from Google queries only provide 1/500th of the amount of information available on the web. So our specialists "dig deeper" in order to find a variety of information relative to your subject, past and present. Starting with over 75 sites our investigators scour the web as we develop results never before seen in this industry. Our DIGG-iT service is backed by quality, technology, years of development, training and research.

What is a "No Hit?"
A "No Hit" simply means that a DIGG-iT investigation did not develop any additional information other than what you the client had provided to us.
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