With insurance fraud totaling an average of $80 billion a year, how can you afford not to have a fast, accurate and cost-effective method for ensuring that your claims are being evaluated properly. Itís time to take the necessary steps to help fight insurance fraud, by getting the answers you need to initially identify those suspect claims.

The service we offer is medical canvassing. By conducting a medical canvass of area hospitals or physicians located in or around the disclosed treatment location or within the vicinity of the claimants address or previous addresses the following type of information can be identified: prior medical history, previous treatment in other hospitals, clinics, or with other physicians and/or chiropractors.

By conducting medical canvasses not only do you cut down expense on sending that medical record request only to obtain a no record certification, but you can also identify additional provider treatment and validate information the claimant did not disclose regarding treatment and medical history. A medical canvass can provide you with the answers you need within approximately 48 hours from the time you submit the request.

If you are interested in learning more about conducting a medical canvass, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department at Litigation Solutions, LLC by calling 866-547-7378 or by contacting your LSLLC Representative today.

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