Surveillance Assessment / Canvass
A surveillance assessment is a method of obtaining background information to assist in determining the likelihood of successful surveillance. Database, Internet and telephone canvasses will provide the following information:
  • Date of Birth Verification
  • Telephone Number Verification
  • Social Security Trace
  • Residency History
  • Corporate Ownership
  • UCC Filings
  • Professional Licenses
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil & Criminal Background
  • DMV; when appropriate
  • Contact with Neighbors
Mobile and Stationary Surveillance /Covert Surveillance
A trained LSLLC operative will provide a surveillance investigation for a specified period of time with the main purpose of conducting direct observation of a subject to obtain information and video documentation of the subject's activities. These activities can be compared with the reported disability. In addition, video surveillance can be utilized to establish if the subject has been engaged in unreported employment.

Activity Check/Neighborhood Canvass
An LSLLC operative will physically contact area residents, local law enforcement, and businesses in the area in an attempt to develop a more detailed profile of the subject, their activity level, and the most appropriate time frames in which the subject is active. An activity check is often an effective preliminary step in the process prior to assignments for video surveillance.

Wellness Checks
LSLLC's investigative department will make a face-to-face meeting to verify that the subject is alive, as well as to assess factors that could impact future handling vendor management program.

Vendor Management Program
The LSLLC Team can provide the following service to manage and coordinate local, regional and national investigative programs.
  • RFP Development
  • Vendor Selection
  • Centralized Intake
  • Centralized Billing
  • Management Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Field Services
  • Training
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Surveillance Services

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